Is Sports Bra Good For Sagging Breasts? (With 4 Benefits)

is sports bra good for sagging breasts

What is your thoughts about breast sagging and sports bra? Do you think is sports bra good for sagging breasts?

You might think that just because you don’t play sports that you don’t need a sports bra. However, for women with sagging breasts sports bras are a great solution to keep the breasts in place.

However, sports bras have not been proven to prevent or treat breast sagging. Sports bras can make women with sagging breasts feel more comfortable and prevent chafing. Even though sports bras cannot stop breasts from drooping due to pregnancy, age, or hormonal imbalance, they still can help women with sagging breasts and offer many benefits.

Benefits: Is Sports Bra Good For Sagging Breasts

Before asking is sports bra good for sagging breasts, hope you will love to know some benefits of a sports bra.


So, then let’s go!


Sports bras are often more comfortable than traditional bras. And even light exercise like walking or yoga can cause discomfort if breasts are sagging and not held in place. Quality sports bras can handle any movement to provide support and hold your breasts firmly, even if they sag.

Reduce Pain

Sports bras also help prevent the breasts from moving up and down or sideways with movement which often causes pain over time. Exercising without a sports bra or the wrong bra causes your back and neck muscles to overcompensate to balance your weight which can cause upper back and neck pain. If exercise causes you breast pain, then you should find a sports bra with a better fit. If pain still occurs, then consult with your doctor.

Prevent Bouncing

While bouncing breasts may cause pain, they can also cause embarrassment, especially for women with sagging breasts. Many women attribute worth to the size and shape of their breasts, and it’s rather uncomfortable for them when others stare at their bouncing breasts. Wearing a sports bra to keep the breasts in place prevents bouncing and embarrassment from staring eyes.

Reduce Sagging

Perhaps the best reason for women with sagging breasts to wear a sports bra is that it can reduce sagging in the long term. Studies show that breast sagging is affected by movement with inadequate support over time. Wearing a sports bra is one natural way to help breast sagging because it holds the breasts in place.

Drawbacks Of A Sports Bra

Sports bras cannot prevent sagging breasts and are not built to be worn all the time. Sports bras can sometimes provide too much support and prevent the ribcage from functioning properly.

It’s Not For Every Day

If you wear a sports bra too often, you can weaking your back muscles and overstrain the breast ligaments.

Sizing Is Less Adjustable

Most sports bras are not as adjustable as traditional bras, and don’t provide the same precise sizing.

Rashes and Irritation

If you leave a sports bra on after a sweaty workout, it can actually cause rashes and skin irritation. Sports bras just aren’t meant to be worn for long periods of time or kept on after you exercise.

Tighter Than Regular Bras

Sports bras should be tighter than your regular bras. But they shouldn’t make you feel unable to breath. Your sports bra should not move or slide when you move your arms or start running or exercising.

Can A Sports Bra Cause Breast Sagging?

There is no evidence that sports bras cause breast sagging. If anything, sports bras help support sagging breasts during exercise.

Exercising without a sports bra or support can cause breast tissues to stretch and lead to breast sagging. So, you need to make sure to wear a snug, supportive sports bra. If your sports bra does not provide proper support, then it is not good for your breasts to wear it during exercise.

Sports bras that are used several times a week, for 45 minutes or more need to be replaced at least every six months. You can know if your sports bra needs to be replaced or adjusted if you notice any bouncing or start to feel too comfortable in it.


So, although a sports bra cannot prevent sagging breasts it’s still a good idea to wear a sports bra during exercise or any type of movement. Wearing a sports bra, or any bra for that matter, can hold up your breasts and provide shape but it cannot prevent gravity and age to take their toll. But sports bras are still essential for, well, sports (what they’re made for).

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