How To Measure If Your Breasts Are Sagging? (2 Example Tests)

How To Measure If Your Breasts Are Sagging

Breast sagging is actually a quite common issue for women. It can happen with aging, pregnancy, or sometimes prematurely. Breast sagging, or breast ptosis, is when a woman’s breasts droop.

Remember that your worth is not based on your body or whether or not your breasts are sagging. This guide is meant to inform you on how to measure if your breasts are sagging, but it is not a judgment on your worth. Every woman is beautiful, regardless of breast sagging.

However, knowing if your breasts are sagging can help you find the right bra. So, here’s a guide on how to measure breast sagging, what causes it, and ways to prevent or reverse breast sagging.

What Causes Breast Sagging?

Many things can cause your breasts to sag, including the following factors:

  • Age
  • Pregnancies (can begin even after one or two pregnancies)
  • Postmenopause
  • Sudden change in body weight
  • History of smoking cigarettes
  • Gravity over time
  • A high BMII (Body Mass Index)
  • Hormonal imbalance

Additionally, some women experience premature breast sagging. This can happen from a hormonal imbalance from weight gain, pregnancy, birth control, or an unhealthy diet. If your breasts are sagging prematurely, it can serve as an indicator of overall premature aging.

Also, larger breasts are more likely to sag sooner than smaller breasts.

Preventing Breast Sagging

You can prevent premature breast sagging, and even reverse it in some cases. Plastic surgery, such as mastopexy or breast implants, is one way that women use to prevent or reverse breast sagging. However, plastic surgery on the breasts can cause complications later on.

Additionally, there are natural methods to prevent breast sagging such as massaging the area with botanical oils or taking herbs to increase blood circulation and increase the elasticity of breast tissues.

How To Measure Your Breasts Are Sagging or Not?

There are several tests you can try to check if your breasts are sagging. You can measure if your breasts are sagging yourself with these tests.

The Pencil Test

One way to measure if your breasts are sagging is to take a pencil and put it underneath the breasts where the bottom of the breast meets the chest wall. If the pencil falls down, then you do not have sagging breasts. However, if the pencil stays in place then your breasts are sagging more.

The Pinch Test

One test will not give you a definitive answer on whether or not your breasts are sagging. You should also try the pinch test.

For the pinch test, take the right hand for the left breast, or the left hand for the right breast, and place your middle and ring fingers underneath the center of the breast. Then, place your thumb in front of your breast and gently pinch your thumb and middle fingers together. If your pinch is above the nipple, then you passed the pinch test. However, if your pinch is below the nipple your breasts are sagging.

Degrees of Breast Sagging

There are three degrees of breast sagging on the ptosis scale. Note that some sagging is normal, however if your breast droops too low it can cause health complications.

Mild breast sagging, or Grade I, is the begging stages. And, you can take steps to prevent further sagging at this stage. Moderate or Grade II sagging may cause the nipple to point slightly downwards. And Grade II advanced ptosis is a severe level of breast sagging and the nipple will point downwards.

Women may also experience psudeoptosis, where the breast sags but the nipple remains forwards. This often occurs after nursing because the milk glands can cause breast tissue to sag.

Additionally, parenchymal maldistribution occurs when the lower portion of the breast is less full in the lower portion, causing it to tilt downwards.

Ways to Treat Breast Sagging

To treat breast sagging, you can use plastic surgery as mentioned, or try natural methods such as oils and herbs, and exercise.

Exercising regularly can help treat and prevent sagging breasts. Specifically, exercises that target the chest and pectoral muscles will help firm your chest. Try chest presses, arm raises, push-ups, and dumbbell flies to target muscles that will help treat breast sagging.

Besides exercise, an ice massage can also help tighten sagging breasts. The cold temperature can reduce loosening tissues and help them contract. Massage 2 ice cubes in a circular motion on the breasts for one minute (longer can cause numbness).

You can also purchase breast lifting creams that are designed to tighten sagging breasts. Consult your doctor before using a breast tightening cream.

Additionally, if you have sagging breasts you should make sure you are wearing the right bra to help prevent further sagging.

How To Measure Bra Size For Sagging Breasts?

After doing the pencil test and the pinch test, if you have sagging breasts, you’ll want to re-measure your bra size with this in mind. Make sure that you’re wearing the correct bra for proper support and comfort. Note that a good bra cannot treat sagging breasts, but it can prevent further sagging.

And, if you’re wearing the wrong bra with sagging breasts it can cause the bra to stretch or break.

You should take measurements with a non-padded underwire bra.

The first step to measuring bra size for sagging breasts is to know your band size. Wrap a tape measure around your ribcage just under your bust and note the number where the tape measure meets. Ensure that the measure isn’t too tight or too loose and lies flat on your skin.

Next, measure your bust size by putting the tape measure around the fullest part of the bust. Your cup size is the bust size measurement minus the band size measurement. Anything smaller than 1 inch is an AA cup size, 1 inch is size A, 2 inches is a B, 2 inches is a C, and so on.

Once you’ve found the right bra size, choose a bra with soft cups and underwire.


Sagging breasts are common in women and can be caused by many hormonal changes including pregnancy, age, and weight change. You can prevent and treat sagging breasts with plastic surgery or natural methods like exercise. The pencil test and pinch test are how to measure if your breasts are sagging. And, once you know if you have sagging breasts you should re-measure your bra size to ensure you have the best support and fit possible.

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