All Different Types of Shoes for Ladies

Different Types of Shoes for Ladies

Dressing up for the day is completed when you slip into your favorite pair of shoes. Have you ever known that your confidence level could be boosted up by slipping into the most appropriate pair of shoes according to the situation? In the world of fashion, every pair of shoes plays an identical part. There are different types of shoes for ladies that make every woman ready to step out with confidence and glamour.

So, every lady needs to pick the best-suited pair of shoes for the occasion. Here’s our guide that fits this purpose!

Types of Ladies Shoes

In this article, I am going to write about all types of ladies shoes. These are divided into three main part as below:

  • Ladies’ Casual Shoe Wear
  • Ladies’ Non-Casual Shoe Wear
  • Ladies’ Boots

Each part has different types of shoes for ladies. Will briefly discuss about these shoes. Hope you love this article.

So, keep reading for more.

1. Ladies’ Casual Shoe Wear

Casual shoes are to be teamed up with your casual wear, which you wear on daily basis. The level of comfort and durability are two major characteristics to be checked in a pair of casual shoes.

Ladies’ Wedges

Wedges are the ideal alternative to agonizing heels as a wedge heel is always more comfortable to wear. The wedge heel is designed in a way that it diffuses the pressure and pain away from your feet. A wedge heel is not only comfortable but also adds a polished finish to your outfit.

Ballerina Flats or Ballet Pumps

If you’re looking for something versatile and flat to team up with your outfit, a Ballerina pump would be the ideal choice. Ballerina flats are must to have in your wardrobe as they are available in almost every colour with unimaginable diverse patterns. So, it is always a pretty solution!

Ladies’ Canvas Shoes

If you’re looking for a lightweight casual shoe with a sportier look, then it is the time to go for a pair of canvas shoes. Ladies’ Canvas shoes come in almost every colour with many patterns and they go ideally with your jean and t-shirt to create a simple and relaxed effect.

Ladies’ Flip Flops

A pair of the flip flop is an essential component in your beach bag. These are the ultimate summer shoes due to their simplicity and high durability. Flip flops come in various materials, colours, brands, durability levels and prices.  Selecting a flip flop that fits the purpose is always wise. If you want them for the pool or beach, you can go for water resistance, easy to clean and stylish flip flop. For a long walk, you can select a flip flop with thick, synthetic strap. Lady flip flops are available in woven leather straps with sparkly gems to add a vibrant look to the outfit.

Ladies’ Mules

A mule is a type of shoe with closed front and opens back. Mules can make your outfit look more relaxed. Ladies’ mules are ideal to wear with a baggy, skinny jean, oversized t-shirt to create an effortless look. When styled appropriately, mules are the ideal alternative for your office footwear.

Ladies’ Loafers

To add a classical look with vintage glamour to your outfit, you can slip into a pair of loafers. Loafers made out of leather are much more comfortable and stand up against the heat. Leather loafers are great with no socks. Extra detailed printing on loafer would destroy the vintage glamour, so it’s always ideal to go for a simple design.

Ladies’ Gladiator sandals

A pair of gladiator sandal is always a comfortable and flexible choice for ladies. They are gorgeous when worn with a maxi dress. Gladiator sandal is a t-strap sandal with more straps around your foot. Heeled gladiator sandal can be teamed up with your office wear, especially with tailored trousers.

Ladies’ Trainers

Trainers are designed for exercising purpose to be worn at the gym or during yoga. Ladies’ trainers can be worn as fashion wears as well, if it fits the purpose. The trainers give more support to your feet and with correct cushioning, it comes in comfy. A well-designed pair of trainers will benefit your legs, hips and knees.

2. Ladies’ Non-Casual Shoe Wear (Formal Shoes)

A pair of formal shoes fits the purpose of looking elegant in your office wear. There is a wide variety of formal shoe wear available in the ladies’ shoe market, fitting to different types of outfits.

Ladies’ Heels

A pair of heels is one of the obvious choices to couple up with your dress wear. Heels are available in a wide variety including Block heel, Kitten heel, Stacked heel, Stiletto heels, Corn heel, and Platform heel etc.  When purchasing a pair of heels, it is always wise to select a pair with thick cushioned insole.

Ladies’ Court Shoes

A pair of court shoes always go well with your business attire. It adds a formal finish to your outfit. Bright coloured or a floral printed pair of court shoes can be coupled with your casual spring wear too. With formal attire, it is wise to go with a classical colour such as nude or beige. Ladies’ court shoes are available in different styles as high-heeled, flat or low-heeled.

Ladies’ Brogues

A pair of brogue gives a formal, polished and a traditional finish to your office attire than a pair of ballerina flats. Ladies’ brogues are available in various colours, patterns and different heel heights. Coupling your dress, mini skirt or tights with a nude coloured brogue can create an ideal preppy look for you.

3. Ladies’ Boots

If you want a practical solution through all the seasons, then it is a pair of good boots that you should go to. Ladies boots are available in many types as below:

  • Ankle boots
  • Calf Boots
  • Chelsea Boots
  • Military Boots
  • Wellington Boots, and
  • Much more…

Ankle boots can be worn with your office wear or summer dress. It is always vital to select the color and style appropriately to match the purpose.

Calf boots provide more coverage; hence they are ideal to be worn during winter.

A pair of military boots can add toughness to your outfit.

A pair of Wellington boots are also an ideal choice to keep your feet dry and warm. Also, Wellies can be used as a fashion icon when coupled with your outfit appropriately.


Do you have any other type Ladies’ shoes in your mind? Do you think you know about more different types of shoes for ladies? Then please feel free to share your knowledge with us. We are waiting to read your thoughts. So, please write us with your details. Of course we will reply as early as possible (not more than 72 hours).

Thanks, and stay tuned with us.

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