Bra Cup Sizes Smallest to Biggest – The US Standard (Updated in 2021)

bra cup sizes smallest to biggest

If you know, bra cup sizes smallest to biggest, then you can find the right size bra for your breasts.

Because, many women are wearing the wrong sized bra. Studies show that about eight in ten women do not wear the correct bra size. Knowing what sizes are available and learning about bra sizing can help women find the right sized bra and get the support and comfort they need.

How to Find Bra Cup Sizes Smallest to Biggest?

What are the smallest bra cup sizes in the US? And what are the largest cup sizes in the US? Here’s a guide to all the bra cup sizes smallest to biggest according to the US standard.

However, note that bra cup sizes vary by manufacturer and so you should always check a bra company’s size guide. Also note that bra size varies by body type and many factors in life including puberty, pregnancy, and menopause affect breast size and shape.

Smallest Cup Sizes

Smallest Cup Sizes Bra

The smallest bra cup size available in the US is an AA. This is a standard size that most retailers will carry. However, you can special order sizes AAA and up. But since many of the smaller sizes need to be customed ordered, women cannot try them on while shopping. That’s why many end up settling for a bra in the wrong size.

Particularly younger women and teenagers can frequently need these smaller sized bra cups.

On the bright side, women with small cups sizes can find bras of various types and don’t always need an underwire for support.

Biggest Cup Sizes

bra cup sizes smallest to biggest

Technically, there is no limit to the size of a bra cup. However, at some point, the cup size has to be customized for full-figured women which can be expensive. The largest size that most stores carry is an F cup, but some stores also have K cups or more all the way up to size O.

Since many of the biggest cup sizes are not available in stores women can have a hard time finding the right size for them. However, if you know your measurements you can custom order a bra cup size to try and better fit your needs.

US Standard Bra Cup Sizes

US bra cups typically go in the following order:


International Bra Cup Sizes

The chart below shows bra cup sizes in various countries and how they compare. And, it’s important to remember that double letter sizes (like AA or DD) are not twice the size of a single letter, but a half size. For example, DD is not twice the size of a D—it’s a half size between D and E.

UCSUSAUKEurope France ItalyAustraliaJapan

How to Measure Bra Cup Size?

While your bra cup size may vary by manufacturer, typically your size is determined by taking the measurement of your bust size minus the measurement for your bra band size.

To determine your band size, you’ll need an unpadded, unlined bra. Simply wrap a tape measure around your ribcage just under your bust (without or under your shirt) and note the number where the tape measure meets. Ensure that the measure isn’t too tight or too loose and lies flat on your skin.

To find your bust size put the tape measure around the fullest part of the bust. Your cup size is the bust size measurement minus the band size measurement. Anything smaller than 1 inch is an AA cup size, 1 inch is size A, 2 inches is a B, 2 inches is a C, and so on. So, for instance, if you have a bust size of 36 and a band size of 32 then your difference is 4 inches and your cup size is a D. Meaning your bra size is a 32D.

This char shows your bra cup size based on your bust and band measurements.

Difference between Bust Size and Band SizeCup Size
<1 InchAA
1 inchA
2 inchesB
3 inchesC
4 inchesD
5 inchesDD/E
6 inchesDDD/F
7 inchesG
8 inchesH
9 inchesI
10 inchesJ
11 InchesK
12 inchesL
13 inchesM
14 inchesN


Bra cup sizes according to the US range from the standard AA cup to I cup but can also be special ordered smaller or larger. And, measuring bra cup size is simply the difference between bust size and band size.

As women learn more about bra sizing and how to find the correct fit, they are more likely to find the right bra for them and get the support they need.

Bra cup sizes smallest to biggest is the most important part of a life that you should know. We hope, you informed enough from this article.

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