Best Sports Bra For Small Breasts in 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Sports Bra For Small Breasts

Well, you are looking for best sports bra for small breasts.


Because your boobs are not saggy.


Congratulations, you have small boobs. Most of the men don’t like saggy breasts. They like tight and small breasts. That is why, to be an attractive woman, you should wear sports bra to keep safe, and secured your breasts.

Feeling light, fresh and comfortable should be your highest priorities every time you go to perform any physical activity. That’s also the kind of felling that best sports bras for large breasts can give you. They’re considerably smaller than a T-shirt to give you greater freedom of movement. Also, they retain some basic features of regular bras.

In this guide, you’ll find some valuable tips to help you choose the best high impact sports bra. In addition, you’ll find a top 7 list with the most detailed reviews about the best selling models in 2021.

Best Sports Bra for Small Breasts 2021

Product NameSizeColor VariationPrice (USD)
Fittin Racerback Sports BraS/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL7 
Glamorise MagicLift Sports BraB/C/D/DD/F/G/H/I5 
Wanayou Zip Front Sports BraM/L/XL/XXL5 
Champion T-Back Sports BraA/B/C4 
Under Armour Longline Sports BraXS/S/M/L/XL18 
Brooks Fiona Sports BraB/C/D1 
Zerocoast Compression Sports BraS/M/L/XL10 

Benefits of Sports Bra for Small Breasts

Certainly, sports bras for large breasts allow you a wider freedom of movement so you can jump and move your body without restrictions. In addition, they’re super fresh so you don’t end up covered in sweat after each training session. However, the benefits of best sports bras for running are much more than that. Here’s a list with some other benefits.


Above all, sports bras are comfortable because:

  • Made with soft materials.
  • Prevent marks and scratches.
  • Lighter and smaller than T-shirts.


In addition, sports bras are safe because:

  • Don’t cause allergic reactions on your skin.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure.
  • Big boobs in sports bra are better protected.


Also, best sports bras are durable because:

  • Made with resistant materials.
  • Don’t tear easily.
  • Have strong seams.

Top 7 Sports Bra for Small Breasts Reviews

As said before, sports bras have many benefits. However, not all sports bras can provide the required protection and make you look sexy at the same time. So, if you want to get the best results you should always opt for the best of the best. That’s what you’re going to find on this top 7 list.

1. Fittin Racerback Sports Bra

Fittin Racerback sports bra provides comfortable support and guarantees maximum freedom of movement. In addition, its breathable fibers help control moisture and heat. It’s T-shaped back straps also keep the bra attached to your body while you’re moving.


  • Improved freedom of movement
  • Durable and resistant
  • Washable
  • Breathable


  • It may not provide enough support for big breasts

Above all, this bra stays stable on your body, no matter what type of physical activity you do. In addition, it can withstand excessive stretching, making it perfect for big breasts.

2. Glamorise MagicLift Sports Bra

This bra keeps your breasts in the right place without applying too much pressure. In addition, its flexible fibers control the bounce of your breast when you perform high impact exercises. In addition, its shoulder straps guarantee maximum stability and freedom of movement.


  • Comfortable
  • Resistant to excessive stress
  • Washable
  • Strong seams


  • It may be smaller than the indicated size

If you hate that your breasts bounce when trying to jump or perform any impact exercise, you certainly need this. Glamorise MagicLift sports bra is also flexible and adapts perfectly to your figure. In addition, its flexible fibers keep your breasts static without pressure and without pain.

3. Wanayou Zip Front Sports Bra

This bra is easy to put on and take off thanks to its front zip. Also, under the zipper there’s a small piece of fabric to prevent scratches. Also, the zipper is quite stable and won’t slide down while you exercise.


  • Removable cups
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Durable and resistant


  • The zipper may slide down when excessive pressure is applied

If you usually have problems to put on and take off your sports bras, this may be the solution to your problems. This bra also is super practical and makes your life easier. Additionally, it’s washer-machine safe.

4. Champion T-Back Sport Bra

This bra has a rigid support and helps to keep your breasts in good shape. Its full cups also keep your breasts protected and fixed in the right place. In addition, the T-shaped back support provides more stability so you can move with complete confidence.


  • Improved support
  • Durable and resistant
  • Keeps your breasts in good shape
  • Comfortable


  • The bra may be smaller than the indicated size

If best sports bra for big bust you’ve tried before compress your breasts too much, try this. This bra not only gives you freedom of movement, but also shapes your breasts. Therefore, you can be sure your breasts won’t drop too low after months of training.

5. Under Armor Longline Sports Bra

Under Armor Longline sports bra is incredibly comfortable and doesn’t leave pressure marks on your skin. It also has removable cups for added support and comfort. Its crossed back straps also give you freedom of movement and improve breathability.


  • Durable and resistant
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Improved freedom of movement


  • The straps tend to tangle over the back

This bra gives you a feeling of freedom superior to what best sports bra for large breasts on the market can give you. In addition, it’s super fresh, preventing excessive sweating and bad odors. It’s also soft, flexible and gentle with your skin.

6. Brooks Fiona Sports Bra

This bra is made of a combination of nylon, spandex and polyester that makes it incredibly durable and flexible. In addition, its full cups prevent that your breast bounce while you’re training. Also, its wire-free structure gives you more freedom of movement.


  • Durable and resistant
  • Fits the shape of your body
  • Comfortable
  • Improved support


  • The cups are too thin

This bra encapsulates your breasts, providing maximum comfort and protection. The fabric is also incredibly resistant to excessive tension. Therefore, you can be sure it won’t tear if you gain too much weight. Also, it has no wires, so it doesn’t leave ugly pressure marks on your skin.

7. Zerocoast Compression Sports Bra

This wire-free sports bra has removable cups to ensure maximum comfort. In addition, its thin straps form a beautiful pattern on your back. This design also helps improve breathability, preventing excessive heat and sweating.


  • Breathable
  • Durable and resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Eye-catching design


  • The straps tend to tangle over the back

If the design of best sports bra for large chest is important to you, this one will certainly catch your attention. The delicate pattern that the straps form on your back will also make you the center of all glances. In addition, its soft fibers prevent excessive friction and optimize air flow.

Buying Guide

Certainly, feeling comfortable in your sportswear is essential to enjoy to the fullest your training routine. Nike high impact sports bras also give you greater freedom of movement and freshness that T-shirts and other outfits can’t. However, choosing the wrong bra can have a negative effect, causing pain, excessive sweating, and even damage to your skin and breasts.

Certainly, you don’t need to be an expert to choose best sports bra for big boobs. However, it’s recommended to know some tips to make this process less risky. In this buying guide you’ll find all that valuable information you need to make a good decision.

Support Level

Bras to make breasts look smaller are available in three different support levels: low, medium and high. To choose the right support, you should know first the impact level of the exercise you’re going to perform.

For example, activities like running, aerobics and mountain biking are considered high impact exercises. In these cases, your breasts tend to move and bounce excessively, which can be uncomfortable, especially when your breasts are big. In these cases, it’s recommended to choose the best sports bra for DD with a high support level. Usually, these kinds of bras also have full cups that encapsulate your breasts and wider bands and shoulder straps. On the other hand, medium-impact activities like road or moderate cycling, spinning and skiing don’t require as much support.

In these cases, you can wear best sports bra for running with or without cups, the decision is only yours. However, it should exert a moderate level of pressure on your breasts to prevent movement. In the case of low impact activities like yoga and walking, choose the most comfortable sports bra you can find.

For maximum freedom of movement and comfort, you can also opt for narrow bands and straps, soft and breathable fibers and no cups.

Whatever the case, if your breasts are too big, it’s recommended to always opt for best plus size sports bra with full cups.


Choosing the right size of sports bra isn’t that different from choosing a T-shirt size or a regular bra size. Some sports bras without cups are also available on the regular size designation used on T-shirts like S, M, L, XL and so on. In that case, choose the same size of T-shirt you currently use.

However, some bras could be smaller than the indicated size. Therefore, it’s also convenient to try on the sports bra you want before buying. You can do this at a local store like a Victoria Secret sports bra sale. On the other hand, the size of sports bras with cups is designated by the combination of a number and a letter. The number represents the band size and the letter represents the cup size.

In this case, it’s also convenient to know your bust and underbust size to choose the bra size. To do this, you just need a measuring tape. Place the tape just below your bust in horizontal position and measure your underbust. Then, measure your bust following a horizontal line that covers your breasts and both of your nipples. Both measurements should be made in centimeters.

Finally, use a sizing chart to determine the bra size you need. First of all, use your underbust size to determine the required band size. The band size could be 1 cm larger than your underbust size. Then, use your bust size to determine the required cup size. Just follow the column that matches the band size until you find the size range that includes your bust size.


According to the design of the cups, sports bras can be classified as:

  • Encapsulation bras
  • Compression bras
  • Compression and encapsulation bras

Encapsulation sports bras are also more suitable for low-impact training. In this case, a soft and slightly stiff cup covers each breast. Also, the cups don’t apply pressure to the bust and help give them a nice shape.

On the other hand, compression sports bras apply pressure to your breasts to keep them in place and prevent them from moving. They don’t have cups and give you a more natural look. In this case it’s also recommended to choose a thick and dense fiber. That way, your nipples won’t be exposed.

In case you have big breast, it’s recommended that your sports bras have adjustable straps to alleviate excessive pressure if necessary.

Compression and encapsulation bras work the same way as compression bras but adding cups to their design. They’re ideal for high-impact activities and big breasted women.

Strap Type

The main purpose of straps is to provide support and stability. That way, you can move with freedom while your bra stays in place. In the case of sports bras, there are three different types of straps:

  • Racerback
  • Tank top
  • Crisscross

Racerback straps are attached at back level in a T-shaped or Y-shaped configuration. These straps are suitable for high and medium impact activities and provide a wider motion range. Some women find them uncomfortable because they tend to generate pressure near the neck.

Tank top straps run perfectly vertical over your back and shoulders and intercept the band in a perpendicular position. This configuration makes sports bra very similar to everyday bras. Some tank top straps work with hook and eyes which allow them to be crisscrossed at convenience.

Crosscross straps join at back level in an X- shaped configuration. There could be two thick straps covering the back or a series of thin strings intertwined with each other in a delicate pattern. This second configuration has a more aesthetic than functional value.

Some women find thin crisscrossed straps uncomfortable because they tend to tangle on the back. This happens very frequently when practicing aerobics.


Below, you’ll find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about sports bras on the Internet.

Q1. Can I use a sports bra as an everyday bra?

Yes. Sports bras can provide the same support and even more comfort than regular bras. Just make sure to choose the size that best fits your body.

Q2. Can sports bras prevent saggy breasts?

Yes. The bouncing your breasts experience while practicing high-impact exercises can stretch your tissues and make them saggy. Sports bras prevent this and help to keep your breasts in good shape.

Q3. Can sports bras reduce my breast size?

Yes. Too tight sports bras can significantly reduce the volume of your breast and make them look flat.

Q4. Can I use a sports bra for sleeping?

Yes. As long as the bra feels comfortable and don’t put too much pressure on your bust.

Q5. Can sports bras interfere with blood circulation?

Yes. If the bra is too tight, it will interfere with normal blood circulation.

Final Verdict

As you could see, exercising being topless may cause saggy breasts. Therefore, you need the support and protection that only sports bras can provide. They let you move freely and give a beautiful shape to your breasts. In addition, they’re light, breathable and incredibly comfortable.

Make sure to follow all the tips in this buying guide and you’ll never make mistakes. After reading this article, now you’re better prepared to choose wisely.

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